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Frequently asked Questions:

If you have increased security requirements for your desktop, then DeskSecurium™ is a simple solution to your problem. Private cloud in a secure Swiss data center, 2FA will help protect your workplace.

An additional plus is the ability to access from any device at any time.

DeskSecurium™ is like a common desktop, only safer.

All data of our customers is stored in a secure data center in Switzerland (the country is adequate with the EU data protection requirements: It's much safer than storing data in a public cloud or on a device that can be lost.

You can also apply two-factor authentication using one-time passwords to secure your login.

We provide Windows/Linux desktop with dedicated CPU and memory for each customer.

Besides, you can order the Office365 package, as well as other programs, but this is not included in the basic package and requires an additional agreement to the contract.

You can access it anywhere and anytime with Internet connectivity via cable, wi-fi, mobile from any device with browser (but for better performance on tablets and smartphones we recommend to use our application DeskSecurium™: download from iTunes / download from Google Play).

Login page for web access:

If you order one desktop for yourself, then you will be its administrator (you will be able to change settings, install / uninstall software, etc.).

If you order a batch of users, then the pre-configured desktop group will have one administrator. However, he can designate as many users as administrators as it’s needed for work.

We install an admin account called “Asadmin” - so we can fix the systems. But if you delete it or change the password we can’t access the system anymore.

As soon as payment arrives, we deploy an instance in 1-2 hours on legal days.

Yes, we make backups every day, so you can restore your DeskSecurium workspace if the need arises. After the termination of your subscription, you will have access to your data within 30 days, after which the data will be permanently removed.

If you need to restore your workspace for previous days, please contact our support:

We accept PayPal and bank transfers.

Yes. We can upgrade or downgrade by prior request on email

Adding CPU and memory will not affect your data. But when switching to another operating system, migration will be required - this is a separate paid service. You may refuse to migrate, but you will have to re-upload the data to your new machine.

Your subscription will be recalculated.

No, it prolongs automatically. Before the end of the subscription period, we will send an email notification. If you want to terminate the subscription, send a refusal in reply. If you do not send a refusal, we will assume that you renew your subscription, and a new invoice will be sent to you one month before the subscription expires.

During the 30-day test period, you can opt out at any time, notifying us by email:

If you decide to cancel the service after the trial period expires, you will be refunded for the whole remaining months but you must pay for the current month. Advance cancellation notification via email is also required.